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Conversion to V6

This process is only necessary for stars(blocks) that you have created with the previous versions of CapsimTMK.

Converting Stars(Blocks)

Blocks (stars) supplied with CapsimTMK are version 6.

Converting stars(blocks) in CapsimTMK to blocks CapsimTMK V6 XML:

1-Create a directory.
2- Copy all the stars to be converted into the directory.
3- In the directory create a directory called XML_CONVERTED
4- run the script:

perl $CAPSIM/TOOLS/ star_to_convert.s

5- The converted star will be in the XML_CONVERTED directory.
6- This way the original stars are not damaged.
7- Do this for all stars individually.
8- The new V6 stars should parse correctly with no errors.
9- You may need to do some hand coding. Check each star.

Converting Topologies to CapsimTMK V6.

In CapsimTMK V6 stars and galaxies are now referred to as "block" and
"hblock" for hierarchical block. So a perl script is provided that
will replace "star" with "block" and galaxy with "hblock".

To convert, go to the directory with the topologies and type:

perl $CAPSIM/TOOLS/ *.t

The corrected topologies will replace the previous ones (make a backup
before this operation).


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