CapsimTMK Block Diagram Simulation Tool Available for 64 Bit MSYS2 on Windows 7 and 10 Platforms

The 64 Bit CapsimTMK (V6.1)  Hierarchical C Based Block Diagram Simulation and Modeling Tool for DSP and Communications has been developed for the 64 Bit MSYS2(MINGW) Environment for running on the Windows 7 and 10  64 Bit Platforms. In addition, a wide range of applications in DSP, Communications, Speech Processing and Image Processing have been added as well as new blocks for Audio File (AIFF) and Image (TIFF) input and output.

To download 64 Bit CapsimTMK for MSYS2(MINGW) on Windows (7 and 10) go to the CapsimTMK Site as well as the page setup for MSYS2 Development.

A large number of Screen Shots are provided in the links above.

In addition to the availability of CapsimTMK (V6.1) on Windows 7 and 10,  we have also developed and provide Java tools for plotting results, with emphasis on plots for DSP and Communications (IIPPlot). A key Java tool that we provide, automatically draws a block diagram of a topology from the text(ASCII) file description. Another Java tool assists in building C code Blocks for incorporation into Capsim.

Here is a screen shot for a digital communication links showing the Java Tools in action.

Also the IIR Digital Filter in Action:

Many more screen shots are available  on the site.

Finally the latest 64 bit CapsimTMK (V6.1) has been ported and is fully operational on the MACOSX and Linux platforms. We will update the availability of the downloads on this blog.

Key tool for Text Mode Kernel Open Source Capsim

We are in the process of developing a Java based Capsim Topology Drawing Application. We call it DrawTopology. With this tool, you can Graphically Visualize the  Block Diagram. The tool will automatically create a graphical block diagram from a Capsim® text topology file. As you edit the text file adding blocks and connections in Capsm®TMK, you can save it and see your changes graphically in a Java Scrollable Window ( Automatically Generated from Text Topology File).

While we will not support graphical editing of the block diagram with this tool at this time (see Capsim® QT) it is a super efficiency enhancement tool working with Capsim®TMK.

Stay tuned.