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Java Graphical Interface for Building Blocks for Integration into Capsim®

The Java Block Builder Application is an Open Source Project based on the GPLV3 License. The applicationprovides a graphical interface to build blocks for integration into Capsim. Using this tool you can generate sources, processing blocks and terminating blocks. For each block you can specify and add parameters. Various blcoks can be generated that proccess floating point. integare, complex and image buffers. The generated block is in "C" embedded in XML. See CapsimTMK for more information on the XML Blocks and Custom Capsim Documentation.

Download Jar File and Test Files and Script
Source Code ( In Progress). Visit CCDSP Blog for Updates.
Screen Shots (see below).
Quick Start: java -jar BlockBuilder.jar (Will bring up dialogs to generate block). Click on Generate.
You must specify CAPSIM environemnt variable. Then run the perl script
%export CAPSIM=.

The block XML will be generated. Check the ".s" XML file. Example XML file generated sinewave.s.

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